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Abigroup wins Champion Employer of the Year

12 August 2010

Abigroup picked up the Champion Employer of the Year Special Commendation award at the National Employment Services Association (NESA) Awards for Excellence ceremony which was held in Sydney recently.

The NESA Awards for Excellence acknowledge the courage of people who have overcome major obstacles to gain employment and the hard work of employment consultants and employers who help these job seekers achieve their dreams.

The Champion Employer of the Year award was given to Abigroup in recognition of the company’s work with BoysTown - an organisation whose mission is to enable young people, especially those who are marginalised and without voice, to improve their quality of life.

Queensland Services Manager David Jenkinson and Cooroy to Curra (C2C) Superintendent Peter Lamb have worked closely with BoysTown for several years and accepted the award on behalf of Abigroup.

“It’s a really rewarding experience working in partnership with BoysTown,” said David.

“At Abigroup we are all about getting in and having a go, doing what we can to make a difference and growing and learning together and it is fantastic to be in a position where we are able to share what we have through our ongoing partnership with BoysTown.

“One of the most pleasing things about the award is that our partnership with BoysTown was something initiated out in the field by Peter, which was then put to, and supported at a corporate level rather than a corporate initiative that is implemented on a site.”

The way the partnership works is that young people from BoysTown are given the opportunity to work on the C2C project in Queensland which involves the bulk earthworks for an upgrade to a 10km section of the Bruce Highway.

Peter says that the BoysTown program is about more than just ensuring participants have meaningful and real employment opportunities.

“We spend time ensuring there is a positive framework for the program’s participants both on the job and outside of work, so one of the most pleasing things from my perspective is seeing the guys become active members of the community,” he said.

An extension of the program is the Abigroup-BoysTown Drive Initiative. Through this initiative Abigroup has given a vehicle to BoysTown to assist driver training which is serviced and maintained at Abigroup’s Yatala Operations and Training Facility.

Abigroup’s David Jenkinson and Peter Lamb with the award

Vehicle that Abigroup has given BoysTown to assist driver training

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