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Kate Perumal appointed to Abigroup Limited Board

30 April 2012

Abigroup Limited has appointed General Counsel Kate Perumal to its board.

Kate's appointment follows nine years working at Abigroup. She was appointed General Counsel in 2006 and since that time has developed the legal and insurance functions and expertise within the business.

"I am very excited by the appointment," said Kate. "I'm looking forward to bringing my perspective to the board and my expertise around risk, compliance and corporate governance issues."

Kate is also the founding chair of diversity@abigroup, a steering committee that is dedicated to the company's diversity strategy, issues of gender equity and employment, policies and procedures, career development, and networking and communication for women.

"Diversity strengthens and promotes good decision-making and ensures that the business can benefit from all talent regardless of age, gender or cultural background,” said Kate.

“Women bring their own style, perspective, experience and values to the business, which contributes to its success."

Prior to joining Abigroup, Kate was a Senior Associate in Construction, Engineering and Infrastructure at Minter Ellison.


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